I'm pretty proud of this, not for my work, but for the beautiful people that were captured in it. In July of 2014, the Raney family hosted an orphan from China as part of an exchange program.  They were already parents to five beautiful children, so the thought of adoption wasn't on their radar, but they did hope that by bringing the child here and introducing him to local families that someone would fall in love with him and want to bring him home.

Meet Duo.  He steals your heart with one look...and within a few days, the Raneys were the ones who had fallen madly in love with this boy.  Feeling the overwhelming calling of God, they knew they needed to pursue the adoption of Duo.  They weren't prepared for the painful goodbye as they had to send Duo back to China at the end of the summer, but their mission became even more clear.

With the love and support of friends, family and strangers, they secured enough funds to #bringduohome.  You guys...they raised almost $35,000 to give this little boy a forever family.  Almost a year later, the adoption of Duo was complete and Cassie and Kyle flew to China to pick up their new bundle of joy.

Cassie said it best when she asked me to photograph their arrival back in Portland, "For our family, these are his birth photos."  (And you all know how I love a good birth!) :)

Duo was welcomed home by a new family with 5 sweet siblings and an amazing community of support.  He'll have a new name and a whole new beginning.

Welcome home little panda.