As more and more people in our area start to invite birth photographers into their places of labor, the idea of having images from one of the most amazing days of your life is becoming more popular.  The pressing question for most people still remains - how much does a Portland birth photographer cost and will it be worth hiring a professional? Think about when you hired your wedding photographer.  You searched through what felt like hundreds of photographers, viewed all of their online portfolios, and finally met with a couple of candidates.  You did your research to fiancee decide who would do the best job of capturing your wedding day, and if emotionally influenced, letting budget go out the window.  (Hopefully this was your experience!  Or it could have been more like mine.  Oops!)

If your wedding images were so important (ahem, one of the best days of your life) why would you scrimp on the cost of capturing the first moment's of your child's life?

I get it. You're not convinced yet.  And Aunt Sally DOES have that nice camera...

So let's dive deeper than just numbers.  What are you getting for that birth photographer cost in Portland?

  • A Portland birth photographer is typically on call 24/7 from about 38 weeks until birth.
  • A birth photographer will be present for eight + hours to shoot the birth and happenings after the baby is born.
  • They will have equipment that can handle low-light situations and be prepared to shoot in those situations to yield sharp results.
  • They will be experienced shooting in stressful situations.
  • Get "the shot" the first time. There are no do-overs in birth.
  • They will have liability insurance, equipment insurance, and professional association memberships as well as ongoing education to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the birth industry.
  • A birth photographer will spend 40+ hours (on average) editing and finalizing images before providing a finished product.  (Did you hear me there?  40 HOURS!)

It's much more than just handing your camera to someone to click a few photos and hope that things turn out.  Professional birth photographers are skilled in anticipating the perfect shot, placing themselves in the right spot for THE MOMENT, and being as unobtrusive to the birth process as possible.  And they free up birth partners to be just that - there for you!  That's not something you should be willing to give up.

Believe me, having those images will be priceless to you someday.

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