Oh my goodness!  I LOVE these herbal bath photography sessions! Are you familiar with an herbal bath session and its benefits?  I use herbs from Layne + Lainey and they are amazing!  It's an incredible time of bonding for both mama and baby in the first couple weeks of life.  It's also a great opportunity to heal a sore bottom and relax!  Babies spend nine months in water in the womb, so most of the time, they feel quite comfortable being back in a warm tub.

I steep the herbs, start the bath water, take a few photos, and leave to let you enjoy your time with your baby.

The light was simply gorgeous in this session with baby Ruby.  Mama's bathroom had a window which let in the perfect amount of light in the morning.  This was Miss Ruby's first bath, and she seemed to really enjoy it!

Thanks to K and Ruby for letting me capture these first bath moments for you.

For information on herbal bath photography sessions or to schedule one for yourself, don't hesitate to contact me!