How many births do you attend per month? 
Since I don't to risk missing your birth, I currently only schedule one birth each month.

When is it best to book our birth photography "session?"
As soon as possible. It's best to book your spot as soon as you know you want me there.  I will arrange my schedule to best meet your needs.

Where do you typically stand? I have some modesty concerns.
You dictate what you want shown!  I can definitely shoot images with no nudity. I can stand at the shoulders or move around as deemed appropriate by you. I'm most comfortable when you're comfortable.  And any images you see here or in any other public forum have all been approved by my clients.  I won't post anything publicly until you approve it!

How can I convince my husband that this is something we need do?
I totally get it.  Would you believe my husband didn't want a birth photographer either?  But he's the biggest advocate now!  And I want to make sure you both are on the same page for sure.  Let's schedule a no-pressure consultation and talk about how things will go.  Or you can show him my testimonials page in the meantime.

What if we have to have a C Section?
Definitely talk with your doctor before labor about having me present in a C-Section situation.  Portland hospitals are getting better to work with, but ultimately, it's the decision of the doctor and anesthesiologist if the photographer is allowed in.  Should something happen and I would miss the actual birth, I'll make up with it with a photo session in the hospital after baby is born.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Absolutely! Be sure that this is something the mom-to-be definitely wants though…having someone there to photograph a birth is a very personal decision. But this could be a great baby shower gift!  Contact me for information.

Do you offer newborn sessions?
A First Moments session (shot in the first 48 hours of birth) is a great way to capture your new baby at home in a documentary style. You can add a First Moments session to any Birth Package or book one separately.  If you're looking for those great posed squishy baby photos, I can make some excellent recommendations for newborn photographers.

Do you offer photography sessions for families/kids/seniors, etc?
Absolutely! Contact me for a session guide.