My husband and I eloped to Hawaii after being engaged for less than two weeks.  I hired my photographer on the recommendation of our "wedding planner" (who cost us a whopping $300!) and held my breath until those images arrived.  As you can imagine, the images were less than stellar.  I was disappointed in myself, for not taking the time to do the due diligence and find a photographer that met my desires and also had the technical aptitude to fulfill them.  (I mean, I'm a photographer!  I should know better!)

It's because of my life lesson that I want to encourage you to take the time to research and interview your birth photographer!  Learn a bit about their personality and try to imagine how they might act in a birth setting. This WILL be a critical day in your life and the wrong person could make it a very bad experience!  Pay attention to what past clients have said about them.  Find the associations they belong to and how they participate to stay informed on birth issues. And most importantly, get a feel for how their work shines on its own.

My name is Colette, but the littles in my life call me "Coco."  I've been a Portland area photographer for the past 10+ years.  I've spent a lot of time learning the technical aspect of photography, so when the opportunity to photograph my first birth presented itself, I was prepared (at least on the camera end!)  What I learned was that birth happens quickly, and while I may be prepared technically I need to think through what's going to happen next, and always try to anticipate where I'll be when it happens.  Angles, lighting, and creativity go hand in hand.

But there's nothing else like being there for the greatest miracle you could ever witness.

Call or text me at 503.662.8221 to schedule a free consultation.   I'll even buy you a decaf latte or a delicious dessert.  This birth will only happen once, and I don't want you to miss a minute.


Colette lives in Portland, Oregon with her amazingly handsome husband, Gerrit and her beautiful babies, Pearl and Vedder.  Her award-winning work has been featured in such publications as Huffington PostBirth Becomes Her, The Bump, and What to Expect. She has an affinity for all things Parisian, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, the color pink, and an obsession with birth.  At night, she dreams of English castles, Pearl Jam, and a perfectly organized office.  You can read her own birth stories here and here.

Colette is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America and the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.

Member, Professional Photographers of America